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The Friends Replaced Jennifer Aniston and No One Noticed

An eagle-eyed Friends fan has spotted a
shocking continuity error 12 years after
this episode originally aired...

Get ready to question everything you think you know, Friends fans. Remember season nine's The One With The

Well it's also The One Where Rachel was Replaced By Someone Who Definitely Isn't Rachel And No One Batted An Eye Lid. (I can see why they didn't go
with that title.) 

A Friends superfan has noticed this huge continuity error, 12 years after the episode originally aired. And it has blown our tiny, Friends-loving minds.

Here are Rachel and Joey standing in
Monica's apartment. The camera pans away and pans back and BAM!

The One Where Friends Replaced Jennifer Aniston and No One Noticed, Things about friends , diwnloadfriemds new episode 

To be continued .....

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