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The Crazy Show "Would You Rather...?"

Multi-award winning comedian and UK chat show host Graham Norton knows a little bit about human nature—he’s been entertaining the masses for years.

Now he’s showcasing his trademark wit and style stateside with a proper British panel.

In the all-new BBC America original series “Would You Rather…? with Graham Norton,” Graham sits down with a rotating group of hilarious celebrities and comedians, including Whoopi Goldberg, Cyndi Lauper and Stanley Tucci, to contemplate and discuss ridiculous predicaments and, ultimately, decide what they’d rather do.

Would you rather permanently lose your thumbs or your cousin? Would you rather lick a movie theater carpet or a movie theater seat?

So, here’s how it works: During three acts, Graham poses questions to the panel and picks the best answer. Scores are then tabulated in 5-point increments, with a possible total perfect score of 35. Next, Graham updates the scores at either the top or the bottom of each act. At the bottom of the third act, Graham announces the winner!

It’s a show about making tough decisions – but ones that are downright comical – something Graham knows first hand.

“When they asked me, would I rather sit in London watching television with my dogs or spend three weeks in New York with some of the brightest and funniest people in the states—it was a very easy decision to make.”

“Would You Rather…?” is a registered trademark of Spin Master Ltd.

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