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Terms Revision Of Biological Classification

Biological Classification


Terms Revision:


1-Thallus: Plant body without true stem, root & Leaf.

2-Halophiles: Organism living in salty areas.

3-Plankton: Plants floating passively in water current.

4-Chemosynthetic: Using chemical reactions as energy source.

5-Heterotrophic: Unable to synthesise own food and dependent on others for food.

6-Pathogenic: Disease causing.

7-Plasmodium: Main body of slime mould.

8-Saprophyte: Organism feeding on dead & decaying organic matter.

9-Parasite: Organism which depend on living host for food.

10-Symbionts           :  Two organisms living together benifitting each other.

11- Plasmogamy        : Fusion of cytoplasm.

12- Karyogamy           : Fusion of nuclei.

13- Dikaryon               : A cell with two nuclei.

14- Dikaryophase       : Stage of fungus with dikaryotic cells.

15- Isogamous            : Morphologically  identical gametes.

16- Anisogamous       : Morphologically non identical Gametes.

17- Oogamous            : Female gamete oosphere and Male gamete motile.

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