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Short Class Notes On Pteridophyte



- Group of first terrestrial plants having vascular tissue viz. Xylem & Phloem.

- True stem, root & leaf.

- Found on damp, shady places.

- Sporophyte makes main plant body.

-Sporophyllsof Sporophyte bear sporangia (sori) onventral side producing haploid spores.

-spores give rise to Prothallus which is leafy & autotrophic.

- Prothallus bears sex organs – male – Antheridium and female-Archegonium.

- Fertilisation leads into zygote formation which produces diploid Sporophyte.


Heterospory and Seed habit:

- Two types of spores Microspore and Megaspore are produced in some members viz. Selaginella, Salvinia. - called Heterospory.

- Heterospory is considered as begining of seed habit in terrestrial plants.

- eg. Pteris, Dryopteris etc.

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