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Short Class Notes On Angiosperms


- Group of plants having covered seeds in fruits.

- Produce flowers having reproductive organs.

- Most evolved plants.

- Large no. of plants in varied habitats, small microscopic plants (Wolfia) to large trees.

- Reproduction by vegetative and sexual methods.

- In sexual reproduction pollens shed off and reach to stigma of Gynoecium by pollination.

- Pollen germinates to form pollen tube with two male gametes and one tube nucleus.

- One gamete fuses with egg (Syngamy) and other with secondary nucleus to form PEN (primary endosperm nucleus). The whole process is called Double fertilization.

- Zygote forms embryo and PEN forms Endosperm in ovule which changes into seed inside fruit.

-  Ovary wall changes into Pericarp (fruit wall).

- Alternation of generation occours.



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