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Important Points Of Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom


1- Symmetry: Distribution of body parts around a hypothetical axis.

2- Ostia: Minute pores on body of sponge.

3- Osculum: Large outlet in body of sponge.

4- Hermaphrodite: Bisexual.

5- Polyp: Sessile cylindrical form of coelenterate (Asexual).

5- Medusa: Umbrella shaped free swimming sexual stage of coelenterate.

7- Acoelomate: No coelom.

8- Pseudocoelom: With false coelom (cavity not underlined by mesoderm).

9- Dioecious: Unisexual.

10- Operculum: Cover over gills in fish.

11- Notochord: Dorsal rod like bone

12- Homoiotherms: Warm blooded.

13- Bioluminescence- Emit light.


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