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Group of organisms with fundamental similarities

Species: Group of organisms with fundamental similarities.

eg. Mangiferaindica

               In this species is indica.

Genus: Group of realated specieswith common characters.

eg. Panthera is a genus which includes lion(Pantheraleo),leopard(Pantherapardus) & Tiger (Pantheratigris).

Family: Group of realated genera .

eg. Genus Solanum,Petunia&Datura  belong to one family Solanaceae.

Order :  Group of related families.

eg. FamaliesConvolvulaceae,Solanaceae belong to one order- Polymoniales.

Class  : Group of related orders.

eg. Order Primata&Carnivora belong to one class Mammalia.

Phylum: Group of related classes.

eg. Class Mammalia, Pisces,Amphibia,Reptilia belong to one phylum-Chordata.

Kingdom: Group of all related Phyla.

eg. Kingdom Animalia-includes all animals.

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