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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Details About Mycoplasma ,Kingdom Protista , Crysophytes , Euglenoids

 Mycoplasma –

- Smallest unicellular anaerobic organisms having no cellwall.

- Pathogenic in plants and animals.

Kingdom Protista –

- Unicellular eukaryotes.

- Primarily aquatic.

- Some have cilia and flagella.

- Reproduction sexual and asexual both.

Crysophytes –

- Fresh water or marine microscopic Planktons.

- Mostly photosynthetic and cheif producer in ocean eg. Diatomsand Golden algae (Desmids).

- Diatoms with cellwalls in two halves having Silica (indistructible).

Diatomaceous earth is formed by cellwall  deposits of Diatoms and used in polishing, filtration of oils and syrups, fire bricks and explosives.

Dinofagellates –

- Marine.

- Photosynthetic yellow , green, blue, brown or red in colour.

-  One longitudinal and other transverse two flagella.

Gonyaulax causes Red tides.

Euglenoids –

- Fresh water forms.

- No cellwall, outer most layer pellicle.

- Two unequal flagella.

- Photosynthetic but also heterotrophic in absence of light ( Mixotroph).

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