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Class Notes About Kingdom Fungi

Kingdom Fungi –

- Fungi are a group of achlorophyllous, heterotrophic organisms with cell wall without cellulose.

- Saprophyte or Parasite or Symbiotic.

- Useful and Harmful both.

- Prefer to grow in warm and humid places.

- Unicellular (eg. Yeast) to multicellular filamentous body calledmycelium.

- One unit of   mycelium called hypha .

Mycelia maybe coenocytic (no septum) or septate.

Lichens – Symbiotic association of fungus and algae.

Mycorrhiza – Symbiotic association of fungi with root of higher plants eg. Pinus.

- Reproduction –Vegetative : by fragmentation and by spores.Sexual: by gametes.

- Three steps in sexual reproduction

1) Plasmogamy – fusion of protoplasm.

2) Karyogamy – fusion of nuclei.

3)  Meiosis of zygote.


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