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1 Mark Questions Of Physical World And Measurement

Very short answer type questions, (1 mark question)

Q1. State one law that holds good in all natural processes.
Ans. One such laws is the Newton’s gravitation law, According to this law everybody in this nature are attracts with other body with a force of attraction which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportionally To the square of the distance between them.

Q2: Among which type of elementary particles does the electromagnetic force act?
Ans : Electromagnetic force acts between on all electrically charged particles. 

Q3. Name the forces having the longest and shortest range of operation.
Ans : longest range force is gravitational force and nuclear force is shortest range force.

Q4. If ‘slap’ times speed equals power, what will be the dimensional equation for ‘slap’?
Ans . Slap x speed = power

Or slap = power/speed = [MLT-2]

Q5. If the units of force and length each are doubled, then how many times the unit of energy would be affected?
Ans : Energy = Work done = Force x length

So when the units are doubled, then the unit of energy will increase four times. 

Q6. Can a quantity has dimensions but still has no units?
Ans : No, a quantity having dimension must have some units of its measurement. 

Q7. Justify L +L = L and L L =L.

Ans: When we add or subtract a length from length we get length, So L +L =L AND L L =L, justify.

Q8. Can there be a physical quantity that has no unit and no dimensions?
Ans : yes, like strain.

Q9. Given relative error in the measurement of length is 0.02, what is the percentage error?
Ans: percentage error = 2 % 

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