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Classification of Resources On the basis of Status of Development

Classification of Resources: On the
basis of Status of Development: 

a. Potential Resources: Resources which are found in a particular region, but not yet used properly. For example – Rajasthan and Gujarat receive plenty of solar energy and have plenty of
wind energy, but use of these resources so far has not been developed properly. 

b. Developed Resources: Resources which are developed and surveyed for utilization and are being used in present time are known a  Developed Resources. 

c. Stock: Resources that are available, but we do not have proper technology to used them are called Stock. For example – water is made of oxygen and hydrogen, which can be used as fuel, but because of lack of proper technology these are not being used.

d. Reserves: Resources which are available and the knowhow to use them is also present but they are yet to be used are called Reserves. For example – river water which is not used to generate electricity.
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