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What are the different means by which infectious diseases are spread

What are the different means by which infectious diseases are spread? 

Answer: Infectious diseases can spread through various means like through air, water, by direct and indirect contact, vectors (animals, mosquitos, flies

1. Through Air: Spread through sneezing, coughing, open defecation. Air Borne Diseases are common cold, pneumonia, tuberculosis, measles, SARS,

2. Through Water: open defecation,  consuming contaminated water, inadequate hand washing. Water borne diseases are cholera, amoebiasis,
typhoid etc. 

3. Direct Contact(including sexual contact): By handshaking, kissing, contact with body lesions, sexual contact. e.g. common cold, tuberculosis,
chicken pox, warts etc. Sex Transmitted diseases(STD) are Syphilis, AIDS, gonorrhoea . 

4. Indirect Contact:  By frequently touching the surfaces of objects used by infected persons e.g. touching door knobs, utensils, clothes, towels,
toilets, computer keyboards etc. Examples of diseases spread by Indirect Contact are Flu, TB, Chickenpox, urinal infections etc. 

5. Through vectors: Animals, Flies, Mosquitos etc. carry infecting agent from sick person to healthy person. Vector borne diseases are: rabies, malaria,
dengue, yellow fever, dysentery, diarrhea etc.
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