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Making Two List About Revolution

Make two lists: one with the main events and the effects of the February Revolution and the other with the main events and effects of the October Revolution. Write a paragraph on who was involved in each, who were the leaders and what was the impact of each on Soviet history.

Answer: February Revolution

  • On 22 February: A lockout at a factory.
  • Demonstrators thronged the centre of the capital, and curfew was imposed.
  • 25th February: Suspension of Duma.
  • 27th February: Formation of Soviet.
  • 2nd March: Tsar leaves power and provisional government formed.

The February Revolution ended the autocratic Tsarist rule in Russia and paved the way for an elected government. There was no leader of this movement.

October Revolution:

  • 16th October: Formation of Military Revolutionary Committee
  • 24th October: Pro-government troops called in to deal with the situation.
  • Military Revolutionary Committee controls the city by night and ministers surrender.
  • The Bolshevik take control of the power.

The October Revolution was led by Lenin. This event paved the way for complete control of the Bolsheviks over Russia and the beginning of a single-party rule.

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