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Describe what should she focus on for each of the following stages of election

Surekha is an officer in-charge of
ensuring free and fair elections in an assembly constituency in a state. 

Describe what should she focus on for each of the following stages of election: 

a Election campaign
b Polling day
c Counting day 

Answer: a. Election 

Campaign: 1. Political parties canvass in peaceful manner. Law and order is not being violated. 

2. No party is allowed to canvass based on religion or caste or language. 

3. No party is allowed to misuse government machinery in her campaign. 

4. No party member is bribing (offering money to vote in someone's favour or against) or any other corrupt practices. 

5. No candidate is free to spend as much s/he likes. Spending should be within limits as set by the Election commission. 

6. Any kind of threatening to voters is not permitted.

b Polling Day: 
1. Law and order is maintained to conduct polling peacefully. 

2. Canvassing has stopped 48 hours before the polling day. No canvassing allowed within the prescribed premises during polling day. 

3. Sufficient forces are employed to check anti-social elements to rig or capture poll booth or create any

4. Voter must be identified before he or she casts his/ her vote. Impersonating any voter is not allowed. 

5. No party is allowed to lure voters (e.g. offering money, food and refreshments, lifts to reach polling station). 

c Counting Day 

1. Proper police arrangement  at counting centres to check any disturbance. It should be ensured nobody is allowed to tamper voting machines or ballot boxes. 

2. Only authorised counting agents are allowed to enter. 

3. Counting is done in the presence of counting agents of different candidates. 

4. Results are declared on time once counting is done.
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