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Write a short note on 'Reign of Terror'

Write a short note on 'Reign of Terror'. 

Answer:  The term 'Reign of terror' referred to policy of severe control and punishment. This policy was adopted by Robespierre during his reign from
1793 to 1794. 

During this period, all of those whom
he considered being enemies of the republic (e.g. nobles, clergy, members of other political parties) were arrested. They were tried by a revolutionary tribunal and eventually more then 15,000 person including Queen of France were guillotined or executed. 

Meat and bread were rationed. Peasants were forced to sell their grains at the prices fixed by the government. All
citizens were forced to eat the equality bread i.e., a loaf made of whole wheat. 

Churches were shutdown and their buildings were converted into barracks or offices.
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