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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Why air is a mixture not a compound? Give reasons

Why air is a mixture not a compound? Give reasons. 

Air is a mixture for of the following reasons: 

1. Air does not have a fixed composition. Its composition varies from place to place. 

2. The components of air can be separated by a physical method such as fractional distillation of liquid air. 

3. Liquid air does not have a definite boiling point. 

4. We can prepare air artificially by mixing the various components of air in the same proportions in which they occur at a place. This is a physical process because no energy changes occur.



  1. The properties of the constituents of air (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide etc.) are not changed. For example, pure oxygen is a supporter of combustion. Oxygen present in air also supports combustion. Pure carbon dioxide turns lime water milky. Carbon dioxide present in air also turns lime water milky.
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