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Who was Miss Mebbin And Was she really devoted to Mrs. Packletide

Who was Miss Mebbin And  Was she really devoted to Mrs. Packletide? How did she behave during the tiger shooting? 

Answer: Miss Mebbin was a paid companion of Mrs. Packletide. She had been hired to assist Mrs. Packletide in tiger shooting. No, she was not at all
devoted to Mrs. Packletide. 

She was so professional and money minded that she had a morbid dread of performing an atom more service than she had been paid for. 

She was very possessive about money and always adopted a protective elder-sister attitude towards money, irrespective of nationality or denomination. 

During the tiger shoot, she kept on complaining that the tiger chosen by the villagers was very old and was not worth a thousand rupees and that Mrs. Packletide should bargain over his price. 

Her devotion to Mrs.Packletide was fake and pretentious because she later tried to encash the situation by blackmailing Mrs. Packletide threatening her that
she would reveal the story of the hunt.
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