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What was the legacy of the French Revolution

What was the legacy of the French

1. It led to the decade of political changes in Europe. 

2. Three founding words of the French revolution i.e. 'liberty, equality and fraternity' reflected the coming of new democratic and social order in Europe and rest of the world. 

3. It inspired the Germans, Italians and Austrians to overthrow their oppressive regimes. 

4. It inspired struggling nations of Asia and Africa. E.g. India's struggle for Independence was inspired by
the thoughts of french philosophers like Voltaire and Rousseau. 

5. French revolution put into the practice the idea that sovereignty comes from the people from below not from the above. 

6. It marked the beginning for the first time in history about active and institutionalised mass participation
in the government. It inculcated the spirit of nationalism among the people.
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