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What was the impact of the French Revolution in France

What was the impact of the French
Revolution in France? 

Answer: The impact of the French Revolution in France can be summarized as: 

1. End of Monarchy: It marked the end of absolute monarchy and paved way for a republic government. 

2. Laid foundation of Democratic Principles: It upheld the theory of sovereignty and laid foundation of the democratic principles i.e. government
decisions should be based on the consent of her citizens. 

3. Ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity: The slogans of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity became the founding milestones for a democratic nations. 

4. Declaration of Rights and Equality: The declaration provided equality among the citizens for all public offices, freedom of speech and expression was granted and freedom from arrest without  a
proven cause was implemented. 

5. Abolition of Censorship: Mass media was allowed Freedom of press was granted. 

6. Taxes to be paid by all: Taxes would be borne by all the people irrespective of their status. 

7. Religious Freedom: It guaranteed free exercise of religious worship and abolished the taxes collected by the churches. 

8. Reforms and New Initiatives: New initiatives and reforms were carried out in education, administration and judiciary domain.
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