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What was The Great Fear in French revolution

What was The Great Fear in French

After the storming of the Bastille, the National Assembly was busy at Versailles drafting a constitution, the rest of France seethed with turmoil. 

1. In the countryside rumours spread from village to village that the royalists of the manor had hired bands of brigands who were on their way to destroy
the ripe crops. 

2. Rumours also spread that Kings men were planning to kill National assembly representatives. 

3. Caught in a frenzy of fear, peasants in several districts seized hoes and pitchforks and attacked chateaux. They looted hoarded grain and burnt down
documents containing records of manorial dues. 

4. A large number of nobles fled from their homes, many of them migrating to neighbouring countries. 

This turmoil at that time is termed as The Great Fear.
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