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What Is Magnetic Field Lines Or Force

Question - What are magnetic field lines or magnetic lines of force?

Answer: The magnetic field lines are the lines drawn in a magnetic field along which a north magnetic pole would move. The direction of a magnetic field
at any point gives the direction of the magnetic force on a north pole placed at that point. Since the direction of magnetic field line is the direction of
force, on north pole, so the magnetic field lines always begin from the North pole of a magnet and end on the South pole of the magnet. 

Inside, the magnet however, the direction of magnetic field line is from the south pole to the north pole of the magnet. Thus, the magnetic field lines are closed
The relative strength of the magnetic field is shown by the degree of closeness of the field lines, where the field lines are closest together, the magnetic field is the strongest. 

For example, the field lines are closest together at the two poles, so the magnetic field is the strongest at the poles.

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