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What factors affect the solubility of solvent and solute

What factors affect the solubility of solvent and solute? 

Temperature: For majority of solutions of solid-in- liquid and liquid-in-liquid types, solubility increases with temperature. However for solutions of gases-in-
water type, solubility decreases with increase in temperature. 

Pressure: It is applicable to gas-in-liquid solutions. An increase in pressure increases the solubility of a gas. For example, aerated drinks contain carbon
dioxide gas under pressure. 

Mechanical Stirring: Mechanical stirring increases solubility. For example, sugar dissolves faster on stirring with a spoon. Size of Solute 

Particles: Smaller the particle size of solute, greater is the solubility. For example, it is easier to dissolve powdered sugar than granules of sugar.
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