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What are the characteristics of mixture

What are the characteristics of mixture? 

1. Variable composition: The constituents of a mixture are present in any ratio. Example: A mixture of sand and salt can be in a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 by weight. 

2. Only Physical change: The mixture is a result of physical change. The constituents of a mixture do not bind each other by chemical bonds. Example: In air the main constituents, i.e., oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, do not bind each other with chemical bonds. 

3. No specific properties: The properties of a mixture are the average of the properties of its constituents. Example: The properties of air are average common properties of nitrogen and oxygen. 

4. Homogeneity: Most of the mixtures are heterogeneous, i.e., their constituents are not spread evenly throughout. However, some mixtures are homogeneous i.e. constituents are uniformly spread out. Example: In the mixture of iron and
sulphur, at some places iron is more and at some places sulphur is more. 

5. Separation Methods: In general, the constituents of mixture can be separated by applying suitable physical methods. E.g. Iron can be separated from the mixture of iron and sulphur with the help of a magnet. 

6. Energy changes: In general, no energy is released or absorbed during the formation of a mixture.  Example: On mixing iron and sulphur, heat energy is neither absorbed nor evolved.
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