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Mrs. Packletide was a good shot. Discuss

Mrs. Packletide was a good shot. Discuss. 

Answer: The tiger hunt organised by Mrs. Packletide involved a lot of assistance, support and paraphernalia. On the night of the hunt, Mrs. Packletide together with the villagers, Miss Mebbin and the goat(which was the bait) sat on the platform with a pack of cards. 

When she saw a tiger coming in the direction of the goat, she took a shot with a result that the tiger sprang to one side and collapsed. 

In fact, on closer examination it was found that the goat had received to mortal bullet wound. 

The tiger had died of heart failure. It is
therefore not justified to say that Mrs. Packletide was a good shot. Even with much ado, she could not be successful.
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