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Main Characters Of Mrs. Packletide, Miss Mebbin and Loona Bimberton

Do you think the writer is trying to make
fun of the main characters in the story i.e. Mrs. Packletide, Miss Mebbin and Loona Bimberton? Pick out instances from the story that point to this fact. 

Answer: The story 'Mrs. Packletide's tiger' is a humourous and full of satire. The author 'Saki' makes fun of almost all the characters. Mrs. Packletide wanted to kill a tiger because of her jealousy and a desire to outshine Loona. 

Loona was a lady of boastful nature. She also grew jealous when she saw Mrs. Packletide's photo in the newspaper. She refused to attend the lunch party
arranged in her honour by Mrs. Packletide. 

Miss Mebbin was very manipulative, shrewd and materialistic lady. She adopted a protective elder- sister attitude towards money. Moreover, the shooting of an old and weak tiger, who has lost his strength and ferociousness is also very humorous. Its death due to heart failure instead of a bullet arouses laughter.
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