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Do you think Mrs. Packletide is vain And Give reasons

A person who is vain is full of self-
importance and can only think of himself/herself and can go to great lengths to prove his/her superiority. Do you think Mrs. Packletide is vain And Give reasons.

Answer: Mrs. Packletide is guided by one emotion only. She nurses jealousy in her heart and wishes to outshine Loona Bimberton at any cost. Her obsession is so strong that it has become a mission
in her life. 

She plans a tiger hunt irrespective of the
fact that it will cause harm to the fauna and will also cost her a lot of money. She is predominated by affectation. 

Her intoxication is to such an extent that
the caution and advice given by Miss Mebbin also goes unheard. In a nutshell, it would be apt to describe Mrs. Packletide as a vain and pretentious
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