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I am not from one of the IITs, NITs, or BITS. Do I have a future?

Dania Faruqi answers: I understand your situation. The present times are quite pressurized for science students. Everyone wants to be in an IIT. 

It’s not possible for everyone to be studying in the aforementioned colleges. I know that I am just a sophomore and I don’t really stand quite fit to answer the question, but trust me, it doesn’t matter much. 

A good college may help you with some basic things but in the long run, it all depends on the person concerned. 

Take the example of this guy: 
                Varun Agarwal.

 Or Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft. 

Neither of them are from the above colleges. Don’t be disheartened. Just work for your goal. 

And no graduation ever can take you away from your dream. All the best!
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