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Solution for Conflicting App error after Updating Nokia Browser in S40

As seen its becoming a common problem, users are experiencing issues when they update the Nokia (Express) Browser on their Asha or other s40 based phones. The problem occurs because the update doesn’t go up successfully. In most cases, some of the files from the older version remain there which causes the updated version to show a ‘Conflicting Applications‘ error which makes it impossible to open and browse using the default Nokia Browser.
Follow the steps:
1.Firstly backup the important data present on your phone using the Backup Utility (in settings) or backup on your PC using Nokia Suite. If you don’t backup, you will lose all your data such as Text Messages, Contacts, Calendar; etc.
2. Now, you have to reset the phone to factory setting. You have to choose Full Restore
Note: You can first try by skipping this step as it might work out without the need for a factory reset sometimes.
3. Now open Opera Mini or UC Browser
and visit

You’ll be able to re-download Nokia Browser from that page and your problem will be solved.
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