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How to bypass right click block on any website

You might have noticed that this website has blocked right clicking , you will see some kind of popup message saying that the right click is disabled . Sometimes you may be trying to copy something from the website but you cant . So ill be showing you how to bypass this . How it works ? There is a special javascript which tells the browser to disable the rightclick on this website . Javascript is a client side scripting language ( in most cases ) , which means when loaded it runs from your own web browser . Most modern browsers including IE , Firefox , Chrome support javascripts on that they can interpret the code and carry out actions . How to bypass ? If you visit a website like this and you want to right click then just disable javascript . This will stop the website to run the java codes . How to disable ? For Internet explorer 1) Go to menu bar , go to tools -> internet options 2) In internet options switch to security tab and click on custom level 3) in security settings , look for the option active scripting and select the Disable radio button and press ok. For chrome 1) click on chrome menu button ( top right corner ) and select tools 2) From the settings page click on show advanced settings 3) Now under Privacy , click on the button content settings 4) under the javascript , select the radi option which says ‘Do not allow any site to run Javascript , and click done. For firefox 1) From menubar , click on tools -> Options 2) from the options window switch to content tab , uncheck the option which says ‘enable javascript ‘ click on ok
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