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How to become a hacker ?

Most of us are very curious to learn hacking and want to become a hacker , but dont know where to start . If you are in similar situation , then this article will most likely guide you to reach your goal. So lets look on the topics What Skills do i need to become a hacker ? In simple words , there is no magic to become a hacker . But , like anything else that is worthwhile , it takes dedication and willingness to learn. It is most important to have a basic knowledge of the topics such as operating system basics and its working computer networks , Computer security and of course programming . However , you need not be the expert in each or any of those topics mentioned. Gain the basic knowledge of various branches of computer , and do learn different launguages. What is the best way to become a hacker ? Just make a notepad file , and keep googling , like ‘How to hack email accounts ‘ then you will read and try it. You will see methods of hacking email accounts like phishing and all. Just try those and write the name in notepad. After you done with email hacking , google about phishing and various techniques . This way you can get more knowledge about phishing and hacking email accounts . Phishing is not only used for email account hacking but also for various information getting techniques . So if you would stop at email account , then you wont know what actually phishing is and how to do it. ( you will only know how to hack email with phishing but not about various techniques for hacking ॥ :)
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