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Finally VLC's media player hited Windows 8 in beta form

Let's say you bought a new laptop and wanted to check out a few videos that you legally downloaded without leaving Windows 8's touch-focused UI -- until now, your options have been pretty limited. If you're feeling a little adventurous though, the beta version of VLC's media playerthat Microsoft News spotted on Redmond's app storeshould do the trick.

It's an experimental port of the Windows RT app, however, and as such the application has a few hurdles to clear before it's ready for prime time.

General sluggishness compared to the desktop version and some audio bugs, for instance, are a few issues that may crop up. Developer VideoLAN saysthat this version isn't nearly as stable as it should be (it is a beta, after all), but that hasn't stopped you from downloading its apps before, has it?

VLC for Windows 8 first beta:

VideoLAN (@videolan)

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