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Download / Save Any WhatsApp User Profile Picture In Android Phone / Tablet.

Hello Friends Today I am going to share with you one of Awesome WhatsApp Trick You can download any whatsApp user profile picture in your android phone and tablet, its really so easy trick , many whatsapp user still don't know about this trick , That's why I have decided to share with you ,Iam sure youLike It.!!! Simply follow below steps. Note - First download any File Manager Application ( I recomende you to download "X-plore File Manager") Step1 Open WhatsApp Step2 Open your targeted person profile Step3 Click on her or his profile picture for see it in big size ( Picture is automacly download in your sd card but you can not see it in phone gallery) (Now close WhatsApp application ) Step4 Open File manager ( X-plore File manager or any other file manager which you already installed ) Step5 Click On Sd card ( Now you can see many folders in Sd Card ) Step6 Find WhatsApp Folder and Click On it (Sub Folders will be open after click on WhatsApp folder ) Step 7 Now click on " Profile Pictures Folder " ( Now you can see your Friend profile picture in it , picture save with target person phone number- Example 9876543210.jpg ) Step 8 Now Long press on targeted person picture. ( Suddenly small menu will be open , there are too many options like move , copy cut etc... ) Step9 Click On copy ( Select copy to sd card, After that close file manager application ) Step 10 Time to magic open your phone Gallery ,Their is new *SD Card* album click on it and Bingo you can see your targeted person profile picture .
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