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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Do Java phones get affected with virus and threats?

Do Java phones get affected with virus and threats?

I have seen numerous discussions in forums and communities about whether Nokia s40 phones usually get attacked by malware and viruses. So, today I will try to point out my opinion about it.
Virus! This word always come in our mind  when our mobile reacts not familiar. According to me, there is not such a virus in s40, let me explain why?
Many s40 users waste their money at shops only because their doesn't react good, while other users waste time at net for searching good antivirus for the phone. My dear friends, there are not such viruses in the phone. I don't blame user who ask so, as a the initial point, I too wasted much of my time with searching antivirus for my s40 phone.
So, what is a virus?
Mobile viruses are small programs/applications/software especially programmed to do harmful activites in your phone file system. Those viruses are written in sis, sisx or exe format which usually needs a operating system to run. Suppose we have made an application which is programmed to delete all image files inside the phone file system. Now, when the applications runs, it automatically searches for images files and starts to delete them. This is a kind of virus. Its a small example, likewise there are many such harmful viruses which even affects the phones OS. So, the main point lies, is that the viruses(programs) needs an OS which supports sis, sisx or exe file. And without such OS, virus files cannot do their part of job. Nokia have implemented four OS so far for their mobile, Symbian(s60), Java(s40), Windows Phone, Customized Android. Java s40 phones is officially known as NOKIA OPERATING SYSTEM. But, technically, we cannot consider it as an OS because it runs in JAVA platform. Unlike Nokia s60, Nokia s40 phones can only run Java applications. sis, sisx or exe file cannot be run in s40 phones. So even if your phone gets a virus transmitted from a PC, it won't work and will be inactive. Now the question is, Is there any other virus which can affect s40? The answer is simply no. Let me explain it. The only application supported by s40 is java and even if we make a Java virus, it cannot do any harm. Because JAVA is limited from accessing native operating system or hardware by the highly encrypted Java environment. No file execution or installation can happen without user permission due to the closed source operating system of s40 phones. Nevertheless, I have to mention that s40 phones can get some faults from JAVA apps which can do some harmful activities in your phone. We cannot call them a virus.So, there is not any viruses for s40, hence no antivirus.
Now, if your phone is reacting abnormal, then the first possibility is a firmware problem or a hardware damage. In case of memory card, it could be technical error which can be overcomed by formatting it. Thats all for now, I have done with my part. If any question arises, you are welcomed in the comment section.

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