What is the Exam Pattern for GATE 2019?
Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or popularly known as GATE 2019 is going to be conducted on 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th of February 2019. This examination is conducted by IIT Madras. It is an online examination with both MCQ and NAT type of questions. It is a 3 hours examination with 65 questions and 100 marks in total. The question paper will carry positive as well as negative marking for each question. You will be able to sit for the examination only if your registration is completed successfully. Qualifying this examination will lead you to study engineering in IITs, NITs, etc., in India. Therefore, it is important to understand the pattern of the examination before giving the exam. Understanding the exam pattern will solve many queries regarding the question paper. So to learn more about the exam pattern you must go through the article and prepare yourself for the examination.
  • The date of the examination is 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th February 2019.  
  • The duration of the examination is 180 minutes/3 hours.
  • The total number of questions are going to be 180 and the total marks for the examination are going to be 100.
  • The questions for the examination are going to be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and NAT (Numerical Answer Type Questions). The questions in MCQ type questions are going to be objective and the candidates are supposed to choose one correct option out of 4 different options for the correct answer. And to answer the questions with Numerical Answer Type Question the candidates have to enter a number as the correct answer using the mouse and the keyboard.
  • There are three sections in total i.e., General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and Subject.
  • The General Aptitude Section will have 10 questions in total. 5 questions of 1 mark and other 5 questions of 2 marks. 15 marks in total.
  • ⅓ Marks would be deducted from the 1 mark questions if they are attempted incorrectly. ⅔ Marks would be deducted from the 2 marks questions if they are attempted incorrectly. There is no negative marking if any question is left unattempted. Also, there is no negative marking for the questions with Numerical Answer Type Questions.
  • Exam Pattern for GG, XL, and XE is given as follows:
1.      Geology and Geophysics Paper (GG): The question paper will have two parts, Part A and Part B. Part A is compulsory for all. Part B is going to have two sections, Section 1 i.e., Geology and Section 2 i.e., Geophysics. Candidates will have to attempt any one section according to their preference.
2.      Engineering Sciences (XE): The section of Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude is compulsory for all the candidates. Sections A will carry 11 questions which is again a mandatory section. And candidates have to choose any one section from Section B to Section H.
3.      Life Sciences (XL): Section P (Chemistry) is compulsory for all the candidates. It will also carry NAT Questions. Candidates have to choose any one section out of Section Q to Section U.
  • It is compulsory to carry the GATE Admit Card 2019 on the day of the examination; otherwise, you won’t be allowed to give the examination.
  • While you are answering the questions keep checking the clock which will appear on the screen to keep track of the time. 3 hours is the duration of the examination.
  • You can deselect an answer by double-clicking on the option if you haven’t saved the answer. You have to press “Save and Next” after attempting each question. You can also press “Mark for Review and Next” to cross check the answer before submitting the Answer Sheet. All the candidates would be provided a writing pad to do the rough work.
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