– Group of plants having covered seeds in fruits.

– Produce flowers having reproductive organs.

– Most evolved plants.

– Large no. of plants in varied habitats, small microscopic plants (Wolfia) to large trees.

– Reproduction by vegetative and sexual methods.

– In sexual reproduction pollens shed off and reach to stigma of Gynoecium by pollination.

– Pollen germinates to form pollen tube with two male gametes and one tube nucleus.

– One gamete fuses with egg (Syngamy) and other with secondary nucleus to form PEN (primary endosperm nucleus). The whole process is called Double fertilization.

 Zygote forms embryo and PEN forms Endosperm in ovule which changes into seed inside fruit.

–  Ovary wall changes into Pericarp (fruit wall).

– Alternation of generation occours.




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