Mycoplasma –

– Smallest unicellular anaerobic organisms having no cellwall.

– Pathogenic in plants and animals.

Kingdom Protista –

– Unicellular eukaryotes.

– Primarily aquatic.

– Some have cilia and flagella.

– Reproduction sexual and asexual both.

Crysophytes –

– Fresh water or marine microscopic Planktons.

– Mostly photosynthetic and cheif producer in ocean eg. Diatomsand Golden algae (Desmids).

– Diatoms with cellwalls in two halves having Silica (indistructible).

– Diatomaceous earth is formed by cellwall  deposits of Diatoms and used in polishing, filtration of oils and syrups, fire bricks and explosives.

Dinofagellates –

– Marine.

– Photosynthetic yellow , green, blue, brown or red in colour.

–  One longitudinal and other transverse two flagella.

– Gonyaulax causes Red tides.

Euglenoids –

– Fresh water forms.

– No cellwall, outer most layer pellicle.

– Two unequal flagella.

– Photosynthetic but also heterotrophic in absence of light ( Mixotroph).


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