What are the conditions which make an election democratic
What are the minimum conditions required for a democratic election? 
What makes an election democratic? 
Answer: The necessary conditions required for a democratic election are: 
1. Everyone should be able to choose i.e. everyone should have one vote and every
vote should have equal value. Voters list is reviewed and revised time to time. 
2. There should be something to choose from. Parties and candidates should be free to contest elections and should offer some real choice to the voters. 
3. Elections must be held regularly after every few years. 
4. The candidate preferred by the people should get elected. 
5. Elections should be held in a free and fair manner where people can choose as they really wish. 
6. No bogus or biased voting is allowed. e.g. voter identity cards are issued to check bogus voting. 
7. There exists an independent Election Commission in the country to conduct free and fair elections.


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