It is a hot summer day, Priyanshi and Ali are wearing cotton and nylon clothes respectively. Who do you think would be more comfortable and why? 
Answer: Sweating is a natural mechanism to keep our body cool. Our body sweats a lot in the hot summer days.
A cotton cloth absorbs sweat easily, while a nylon cloth does not. Evaporation of sweat absorbed by cotton cloth resulted in cooling effect to our body. 
The rate of evaporation also increases with the increase in surface area. When one wear cotton cloth in hot summer days it absorbs the sweat coming out from our body easily. 
The surface area of sweat also increases as it is absorbed by the cotton cloth which increases the rate of evaporation and one who wears cotton cloth feels more comfortable because of cooling effect due to evaporation of sweat. 
Hence, Priyanshi who wearing cotton cloth will feel more comfortable, while Ali does not.


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