(a) Find out the position of the image of an object situated at A in the plane mirror.
(b) Can Paheli at B see this image?
(c) Can Boojho at C see this image?
(d) When Paheli moves from B to C, where does the image of A move? 
(a) The image of the object at position A will be formed behind the mirror. It will be at the same distance away from mirror as the object is. 
(b) Yes Paheli at B can see the object because reflected ray from A will reach B. 
(c) Boojho can also see the image because his eyes receives the reflected ray from A. 
(d) If we trace the reflected rays from B and C backwards, they converge at point behind the mirror. 

Position of image A remains fixed even if Paheli moves from B to C.


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